Northwest Tour in October

We've added a new Calendar feature to the website in honor of our October tour of Oregon and Washington as part of a Double Duet tour with stellar northwest duet Cliff Perry and Laurel Bliss. See Calendar for dates and details.Each duet will sing on their own and we'll also join together for some quartet singing. "Don't Miss It If You Can"


Cliff and Laurel began as a singing duo in the late 80's and are now recognized veterans in the bluegrass and old-time music communities.  Together they formed the heart and soul of Southfork, a legendary Northwest bluegrass band in Washington and up and down the West Coast. Respected by their peers and beloved by their fans, Cliff and Laurel always deliver a wonderful collection of old-time country duets.  When listening to them, you can tell they are greatly influenced by the Carter Family. However, they've also internalized and taken their own approach to the material. Old-time country music encompasses a myriad of styles and Perry and Bliss opt for a composed, straightforward approach that, like the Carters' music, suggests an earlier era. 

This will be a rare opportunity to hear the influential duet of Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin.  A vocal sound both soaring and soothing, a sterling repertoire, startling harmonic and melodic inventiveness, and a deep evocative musicality are the hallmarks of this peerless duo. Their sound and harmony, anchored by and entwined with Kate's emphatic rhythm guitar  has an impact that goes deeper than "notes" while Jody's brilliantly inventive instrumental forays on guitar and mandolin add lift and humor to the proceedings.  Their recordings have been Grammy finalists and Indy Award winners and their song versions and arrangements are now widely sung all over the world and considered "definitive". The program will be a mix of favorites from their past repertoire and songs from their new  CD "Return."

"Their music captures the essence and core of traditional music. Their bare-bones approach to this art form ranks them among the legends" - PK, Bluegrass Unlimited

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