WONDERS AND SIGNS, like all our recordings, can be ordered  through several channels and paid for in several ways.

If you want to hear our music as we intend it to be heard, the best option is the CD , and the best option for us (and the least expensive for you due to our low postage rate) is for you to order it directly from us.

The price for a single CD is $15 plus postage, packaging and handling. We must charge sales tax for sales to addresses in California. We ship via USPS. The easiest method is to order via Paypal using the Add To Cart button provided for each title. Paypal will calculate postage and sales tax if applicable. You do not need to have a Paypal account to use this option of payment.

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Jody Stecher

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Paypal will not calculate the postage. Please contact us at ceedees@jodyandkate.com before ordering. We will calculate the postage and let you know the amount to send. 

Digital downloads of the whole album and of the individual songs are now available through CD Baby. They also sell hard copies of the CD but our shipping rate is much lower and Here You Are At Our Website. CD Baby is great for accessing WONDERS AND SIGNS as a digital download. A "button" is provided below that links to CD Baby.  WONDERS & SIGNS is now available for download at most of the usual websites for downloading compressed MP3 music (including iTunes). 


 1. Five Rode Up To Phoenix   

 2. Kenny In Kansas City         

 3. The Kabul Grinder   

 4. The Waters Of Caney           

 5. Weasels and Snakes

 6. Fly Away Home           

 7. Long Time A-Comin'            

 8. The Highway                       

 9.  Look Me Up When You’re Down Under    

10.  Gwendolyn McGrath     

11.  Osama's Pajamas

12. At Waterloo                         

13. The Southwest Train                                    




Jody Stecher: Wonders & Signs




return_cover_resized.jpgWHAT'S ON THE CD

  1. Boat's Up The River
  2. Every Bush & Tree
  3. Hold To God's Unchanging Hand
  4. Somebody's Boy
  5. Gunboat/Old Time Backstep Cindy
  6. Fine Horseman
  7. Beautiful
  8. Rivers of Texas
  9. Old Calloused Hands
  10. The Mermaid
  11. My Old Cottage Home
  12. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & Burning
  13. Old Buddy Goodnight
  14. The Rainy Day/ Pretty Little Widow                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin: Return

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Songs of the Carter Family - Sold Out :-(    Gone/Not Available/ Out of Stock/



We've always had a few Carter Family songs in our repertoire, and decided to do an entire album from this goldmine.  Some familiar, some more obscure gems.  Released in 2000 on Appleseed.

1. Away Out on the Old Saint Sabbath

2. Bear Creek Blues
3. Meet Me in the Moonlight
4. Single Girl, Married Girl
5. Sow Em on the Mountain
6. Dreaming of You Darling
7. Bye and Bye
8. Motherless Children
9. Dark and Stormy Weather
10.River of Jordan
11.Don't Forget This Song
12.March Winds Gonna Blow My Blues All Away


Heart Songs: The Old Time Country Song s of Utah Phillips


(Rounder) We were very honored to be asked by Bruce "Utah" Phillips to record an album of mostly previously unreleased songs of his.  The album garnered us our second Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Folk Album of 1997.

1. Orphan Train
2. Walking Through Your Town in the Snow
3. Hood River Roll On
4. Scofield Mine Disaster
5. Miner's Lullaby
6. Rock Salt and Nails
7. Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia
8. A Ragged Old Man
9. The Jury Set Him Free
10.Faded Rose
11.John D. Lee
12.Golden Mansions
13.I Remember Loving You

Stay Awhile OUT OF STOCK


Our fourth album on Rounder, 1995.  Jody's song "Seventeen Cents" has gone on to be a bluegrass hit, recorded by many.

1. Seventeen Cents
2. Seven Year Blues
3. Fall on My Knees
4. Short Life of Trouble
5. Jack Monroe
6. Long Time Travelling
7. Blue Mountain
8. Willie Moore
9. Rude and Rambling Man
10.No Heaven On the County Road
11.Laybourne's Hornpipe/The Grants' Hornpipe
12.We Shall Meet Someday


Our Town





Our third album for Rounder, 1993.  This was a Grammy finalist, our first, for Best Traditional Folk Album.  Iris Dement's song "Our Town" is still an oft-requested favorite.

1. Going to the West
2. Home
3. Old Country Stomp
4. In Between Dreams
5. The Showerhead Reel/The Twisted Arm
6. Too Late, Too Late
7. The Bramble and the Rose
8. Our Town
9. Twilight is Stealing
10.Curtains of Night
11.Queen of the Earth and Child of the Stars/Roving On Last Winter's Night
12.Henry and the True Machine
13.Won't You Come and Sing For Me

Blue Lightning




Our second album together. Rounder, 1991. More bluegrass in flavor, with Pete Wernick on bluegrass banjo, and Laurie Lewis on bass on several cuts.

1. Still My Thoughts Go Back to You
2. A Lonesome Night
3. Lonesome Road Blues
4. Sittin' On Top of the World
5. Elkhorn Ridge
6. Old Pal of Yesterday
7. Country Blues
8. Blue Diamond Mines
9. Adieu False Heart
10.Polly Ann
12.Just a Few More Days


A Song That Will Linger - temp out of stock


This is our first duet album. 1989 on Rounder.  It has the beginning core of our repertoire.

1. Red Rocking Chair
2. Hard Times/Dusty Miller
3. Paul and Silas
4. Those Two Blue Eyes
5. Will You Miss Me
6. Alabama Waltz/Wolves Howling
7. Love Farewell
8. The Lovers Return
9. Shut Up in the Mines at Coal Creek
10.The Orphan Child