Fly Away Home (Jody Stecher) 

 Mother as bird. Walking and weeping in the rain, I made this song from fragments of songs my mom used to sing to me and my sister when we were small and hadn’t yet heard of dementia. 

Fly Away Home 
© Jody Stecher, Vegetiboy Music (BMI) 

Walking the paths you loved to walk 
Tracing your footsteps through the park 
A feathery rain clears every lane, leaves me alone 
Each little bird has flown to its nest 
Up in those big trees you loved the best 
They know your name, being the same, fly away home 

Fly away home, light as can be 
Fly away home, it’s raining on me 
Didn’t you love this mighty old tree? 
Fly Away Home 

All of your work is over and done 
All of your love keeps shimmering on 
All of your memory shattered and torn in your ding-y old dome 
All of your children holding you tight 
Shepherding you from roaming the night 
If we release you maybe you might fly away home 

Fly Away Home, into the blue 
Fly Away Home, now isn’t it true? 
All of your gifts returning to you 
Fly Away Home 

Fly Away Home, Fly Away Home 
Starry and bright, taking your flight 
Fly Away Home 

How can we keep you, how can you stay ?
How can we lose you, give you away? 
Silly old goose, and how can we pay? 
Who could have known? 
Everyone sees you’re a stranger here 
Anyone knows you’ve a home somewhere 
Fly away to that lovely *there* 
Fly away home 

Fly Away Home, Fly Away Home 
The toughest old bird in a hickory chair 
To Fly Away Home 

Fly away home, I don’t want you to die 
Fly away home, I just want you to fly 
Brighter and brighter by and by 
Fly away 
Fly away 
Fly away 
Fly away home 

Jody Stecher: vocal, guitar, and mandola 
Kate Brislin : vocal 
Keith Little: vocal and banjo 
Chad Manning: fiddle 
Paul Knight: bass