Second Sail

I dreamed I was a guest speaker in the classroom of an absent-minded professor. The room was full and it was time to start but the professor was busy with a transatlantic telephone call and couldn’t be bothered. So I approached the students, saying “well, we’re all here and it’s time to start. Is there anything you’d like to ask me?”.  As one they asked me to please show them the guitar part for “Second Sail”.   I said “But I wrote ‘Second Sail’ only this morning. I have never recorded or performed it. How could you have heard my guitar part?”.  But they had and they all knew the words and sang along as I sang and played it and showed them how I got the guitar to do what it did. That’s how I learned the song myself. That’s how I learned the guitar part too.  

I awoke wondering if “second sail” meant something. I found out that a small sailboat can get by with only one sail but it will get more speed and maneuverability with at least a second sail.  I kept the melody and dream words, adding more words and I’ve kept the guitar part as it was in the dream.  

Second Sail  

(Jody Stecher/Vegetiboy Music BMI)  

If I only had my way  
I’d leave this place and sail away today 
But what I wish is no avail  
‘cause I ain’t got no second sail  

I get by alright on land  
I’ve got a faithful heart and steady hand  
I’m able on the water but I’m slow  
Because there’s only one thing that I know  

But when I’m in a time of need  
I haven’t got sufficient speed  
I’m helpless in a squall or gale  
‘cause I ain’t got no second sail  

I ain’t got no second second sail  
I haven’t got the strength I won’t prevail  
My craft will spin, my plans will fail  
‘cause I ain’t got no second sail  

My craft, when all is said and done  
Gets batted round by more winds than one  
Battered, broke, my efforts won’t prevail  
‘cause I ain’t got no second sail  

Battered, broke, I won’t prevail  
‘cause I ain’t got no second sail  

Jody Stecher: vocal and guitar