The Tea Thieves/ The Invitation 

The Tea Thieves 
(Jody Stecher/Vegetiboy Music BMI) 

I had the music of the Uilleann pipes in mind as I was composing this jig but I let it slip below D natural anyway because after all I was playing mandolin, not pipes. 

The title refers to a favorite cup of tea. Workers on the tea plantations of Sri Lanka would hide a few leaves in their clothing and make a roughly cut and rustically fired tea in their homes. It makes a strong and satisfying cup. This has recently been revived with no secrecy or danger to the workers and “thieve’s tea” is now available for sale to the public. 

The Invitation 
(Jody Stecher/Vegetiboy Music BMI) 

I composed this jig after having received an invitation to do something or attend something. I cannot remember the specifics but I remember feeling honored and vindicated. A perceived wrong had been righted.   This jig has tinges of pain and sadness but the overall mood is triumphant joy.  “The Invitation” can be played equally effectively in Irish or Scottish style.  I made a midi version with a composed part for old time parlor organ. Tristan did a fine job evoking the drones and bellows on his cello. 

Jody Stecher: mandolin 
Tashina Clarridge: fiddle 
Tristan Clarridge: cello