Geronimo’s Cadillac 

I think this may be the first recording of this song by a bluegrass band. I rearranged the order of verses and changed a few words to suit my sensibilities. 

Geronimo’s Cadillac (Charles John Quarto, Michael Martin Murphy) 

They put Geronimo in jail down south 
Where he couldn't look the gift horse in the mouth 
Heaven help me but there’s one thing I know 
A prisoner has nowhere to go 

Took Old Geronimo by storm 
Ripped off the feathers from his uniform 
Took the Indian’s land and they won’t give it back 
Sent Geronimo a Cadillac 

Whoa boys, take me back
I wanna ride in Geronimo’s Cadillac 

Sergeant, Sergeant, don't you feel 
There's something wrong with your automobile? 
Governor, Governor, don’t you find it strange 
They didn't have no cars on the Indian range? 

Warden, Warden, don't you know 
That a prisoner has no place to go? 
Warden, Warden, listen to me 
Be brave and set Geronimo free