Songs Notes from the album “Instant Lonesome and the Twinkle Brigade”

Jody Stecher has made an intense and memorable new recording. The repertoire is outstanding, the feel is fabulous, the vocal support and instrumental detail by Mile Twelve is superb and very personal. The band is on fire, ignited by the spark of Jody’s impassioned singing and guitar. The format is recognizable as old-style blues-tinged, old-time flavored bluegrass but nothing here is generic or predictable. 

Song topics include domestic contentment & its opposite, lawless rural life back in the day, war, political idiocy, car theft, an expanding waistline, actions & consequences, false-hearted love, an outlaw, a supernatural train, an unusual diet, and a femme fatale. Jody composed nine of the 14 tracks. 
“Instant Lonesome and The Twinkle Brigade” is an uplifting, riveting album of music made by alert, able, committed musicians with something to say and the musical means to say it.

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