Feb 1, 2021. A very positive review in Bluegrass Unlimited:


They think my name is "Stetcher" but it's easy to forgive because of all the kind words and because the review really  "got" the music.


Today Dec 8, 2020,  an article on Dreams From The Overlook was published on the Mandolin Cafe website. 


An interview with Dave Berry of Bluegrass Today:


Graphic design by Debbie Berne is coming along  Mastered CD sounds fabulous.  Next weekend Kate and Jody do an online concert and workshop as part of the Berkeley Old Time Music Convention. See calendar and for details go to http://www.berkeleyoldtimemusic.org/

Today September 5th, I  delivered the mixes from last summer to mastering engineer Michael Romanowsky.  I had been delaying the mastering process  until it was safe to be indoors  for hours in close proximity with another person. But that is no time soon. So for the first time in 30 years one of my recording projects will be mastered without my physical presence and real-time input.   I bet it comes out just fine.  Then comes graphic design and manufacturing and figuring out how to upload files to this site to be downloaded for those who prefer that to physical CDs.  

Today, July 20, I placed a banjo video on Youtube. Just me in front of the computer using its own camera and sound. Not too bad I think. If people like this I will put more. It's a recent "lockdown thing", sharing music videos.  Let me know if you want more. :-)

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBkH_fB7zXE&t=54s


On June 30  I (Jody) was interviewed by Roy Andrade and Kalia Yeagle of East Tennessee State  University's Bluegrass & Oldtime Music program.  It went well, I thought. They asked good questions and I did my best to give good answers.  I played some mandolin too and played some mixes from the forthcoming CD set.  The interview is viewable on the ETSU's Facebook page. I don't "do" Facebook but if anyone is interested here is a link:


Late June 2020

Mixing and creating a sequence was completed in mid March. Then Shelter-in-Place was established and mastering, which is the next step in creating a playable recording for disc or download, had to be postponed.  So the new release is on hold until it's safe for Jody to spend many hours in a closed room with a mastering engineer. 

February 2020

Mixing of the new recording is coming along well. Jody composed all the tunes and songs except for 3 that were co-written with others.  There are some solos and a duet but most of the music is played by groups of 7, 6, 5, 4, or 3 musicians drawn from the following ensembles:

Band A 
Kate Brislin: guitar and vocal 
Jody: mandolin, guitar, uke, and vocal 
Ethan Jodziewicz : bass 
Tony Trischka: banjo 
Chad Manning: fiddle and mandolin 
Tashina Clarridge: 4 and 5 string fiddle (has a low string so it functions as both viola and violin) 
Tristan Clarridge: cello and fiddle 

Band B: 
Keith Little: guitar, banjo, and vocal
Jody: mandolin, guitar, banjo, and vocal 
Chad Manning: fiddle 
Paul Knight: bass 

Band C: 
Tashina Clarridge: 4 and 5 string fiddle 
Tristan Clarridge: cello, fiddle, tenor guitar 
Jody: mandolin, mandola, banjo, guitar 

Band D:
combinations of bands B and C

Band E:
Bill Martin: mandolin 
Scott Nygaard: guitar 
Chad Manning: fiddle 
Sharon Gilchrist: bass 
Jody Stecher: vocal, banjo, guitar

Band F:
Jody solo. Not really a band.

January 2020.  We are in the process of rebuilding our website and transferring it to a new host.  Throughout the summer of 2019 Jody was recording dozens of songs and tunes he has composed, most of which have not been heard before.  Mixing will take place in February; graphic design, manufacture and release will follow soon after.  A double CD is expected and downloads will be available for those indifferent to sonic excellence.

March 2019/California tour with Jerry Wicentowski 


Jerry Wicentowski is an unusually gifted singer and guitarist who has recently recorded a CD of the songs of the Bluegrass legend Mac Wiseman. As these songs will be a good part of the program he has named the band “The Wiseman Institute”, a pun on the name of the Israeli science research center called The Weizmann Institute.  The band is comprised of some of the best Bluegrass singers and instrumentalists in the Bay Area — or anywhere else.   Keith Little (5-string…

Hear live Jody & Kate 

The Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music have begun a project of uploading live recordings from their concerts and festivals. Here is a 1990 festival recording of Jody & Kate doing a Sunday Gospel set. Lots of songs here we have never recorded. Check out What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?  Jody forgets the words but it doesn't break the spell.


Upcoming Stuff 

Blue Diamond Strings (Jody & Kate, Suzy & Eric Thompson and 2 guys named Paul [Shelasky & Knight]) will be playing at the annual "Sweethearts of The Radio" show on Valentine's Day in Pt Reyes Station. In August we will all be teaching at the Grand Targhee Music Camp in Alta, Wyoming, and then playing at the Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival. See Calendar for details.

Also in February Fiddler Magazine will feature an extensive interview with Jody. Kevin Carr was the interviewer.

In March Jody will be…

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December 2, 3, & 4


Yow! We’re having a stupid CD sale. “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” first reminded us of songs like “Stormy Monday” and “Cloudy Sunday”. That’s what it’s like to be a musician. Everything reminds us of a song. But then we asked ourselves if it would make sense to pretend we were actually a business and to have a sale like businesses do. We decided it would not. It would be really stupid. So we’re doing it anyway and this is the Official Announcement of our…

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New address 

As of July 1st the old Fremont Street mailing address will be a thing of the past. The new Lake Street mailing address has replaced it and can be found on the "Buy" page.

Guitar Trio with Nygaard and Thompson 

Eric Thompson's  KLEPTOGRASS band was looking for a June gig but the two Pauls (Knight and Shelasky) are busy busy busy. Eric, Scott Nygaard and I (Jody Stecher) have regrouped as a guitar trio and have been practicing every tuesday for a gig at the Freight & Salvage called Guitars Without Borders. Our three styles are so different that we are able to play as a trio without ever getting in each others' way. See Calendar on this site for details. Also see this web page…

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Wonders & Signs gets positive reviews 

At last some print and web reviews of Wonders and Signs are appearing. They range from positive to positively glowing. Have a look at the Reviews page on this website to read the reviews and to see who "gets it" and what part they "got". 

CD Release "Party" 

It took some doing to find a night that all the musicians that play and sing on Wonders and Signs were all available and the Freight and Salvage was also available. It will happen on January 30. See Calendar for details.

The entire CD repertoire and a good deal more will be performed, including songs that got recorded but are being saved for the next CD. The band is


Jody Stecher- voice, mandolin, guitar, banjo

Keith Little -voice, banjo guitar

Kate Brislin-voice

Paul Knight-bass and voice

Chad Manning-…

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Jody Stecher's new CD "WONDERS and SIGNS" is now complete and available for purchase here on jodyandkate.com.  The artwork and design conceived by Jody and realized beautifully by Debbie Berne (who is also an old-time banjo player) is certainly the most unusual album art Kate or Jody has ever had. So far everyone seems to like it. The music was recorded at a new studio in Oakland, California, 25th Street Recording, and engineered by Bob Shumaker who has now engineered nearly a dozen projects for Kate…

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All 13 songs on "Wonders and Signs" are now mixed. I have to return to the studio later this week and make a few balance adjustments. Here is preview of the CD repertoire

Five Rode Up To Phoenix   

Weasels and Snakes          

The Kabul Grinder               

Kenny In Kansas City         

The Waters Of Caney         

Osama's Pajamas               

Gwendolyn McGrath           

Fly Away Home                   

Long Time A-Comin'            

The Highway                       

Look Me Up When You’re Down…

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