July 12, 2022

Jody has been posting unusual music videos on YouTube.  He'll sometimes leave a few errors uncorrected in order to highlight the obstacles encountered in learning to play a tune or song on guitar, banjo, mandolin or fiddle. He shares his process of choosing which way to play a given phrase.  These have been getting favorable response. It seems to be a breath of fresh air. Instead of "look what I can do" these videos are more like "look what I can't quite do yet, and here's why, and here's how I hope to get over the hurdle".  His YouTube name is banjrsolo. 

August 15, 2021


Dave Berry of Bluegrass Today interviewed Kate in 2019.  She tells her story.


Our 2020 Berkeley Old Time Music Convention set is viewable on the BOTMC youtube channel . Our set begins at about 1 hour and 10 minutes.


Our June  2021 Library of Congress concert is viewable on the LOC youtube channel.


A Zoom interview video Jody did with East Tennessee State University  is viewable on the ETSU Facebook channel.  Good questions and good answers.



August 15, 2021

An unexpected and very welcome assessment of Jody's songwriting and musicality has been published in David Nigel Lloyd's newsletter.  Did you know that Jody employs "the objective correlative" in his verses? We just found out. And it makes sense too.  Read all about it (and see photos too) here:   http://davidnigellloyd.com/objective-correlative-in-the-sacred-wood-with-jody-stecher-and-uncle-ganesh/


Jody and Kate have been invited by the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress to participate in the video series “Homegrown At Home” . 

On Wednesday June 16th at Noon east coast time the premier of our video performances will be shown both at the Center’s website and on Facebook. Thereafter it will be stored and available for viewing on the Center’s website *and* on the Folklife Center’s Youtube channel. 

 During the premier showing Kate and I will be taking questions and replying via Facebook. Those who avoid Facebook can watch at the other options, but not make comments or ask questions. 

The concert will be pre-recorded, leaving us able to respond to questions and comments. The repertoire is all traditional music, old and new favorites, sung and played in old and new ways. 

Admission is FREE 

The URL for the concert will be : 


At (east coast) noon on concert day,  the video will appear in a player right on that page.  But to get to the Facebook premiere where you can see your comments and ask questions, people should follow the link to "Facebook" in the gray box labeled "How to watch.” 

But THAT’s NOT ALL: immediately after our concert (about 12.40 east coast time) there will be a video concert by Martin Carthy. Wow. Double Bill.

Feb 1, 2021. A very positive review in Bluegrass Unlimited:


They think my name is "Stetcher" but it's easy to forgive because of all the kind words and because the review really  "got" the music.


Today Dec 8, 2020,  an article on Dreams From The Overlook was published on the Mandolin Cafe website. 


An interview with Dave Berry of Bluegrass Today:


Graphic design by Debbie Berne is coming along  Mastered CD sounds fabulous.  Next weekend Kate and Jody do an online concert and workshop as part of the Berkeley Old Time Music Convention. See calendar and for details go to http://www.berkeleyoldtimemusic.org/

Today September 5th, I  delivered the mixes from last summer to mastering engineer Michael Romanowsky.  I had been delaying the mastering process  until it was safe to be indoors  for hours in close proximity with another person. But that is no time soon. So for the first time in 30 years one of my recording projects will be mastered without my physical presence and real-time input.   I bet it comes out just fine.  Then comes graphic design and manufacturing and figuring out how to upload files to this site to be downloaded for those who prefer that to physical CDs.  

Today, July 20, I placed a banjo video on Youtube. Just me in front of the computer using its own camera and sound. Not too bad I think. If people like this I will put more. It's a recent "lockdown thing", sharing music videos.  Let me know if you want more. :-)

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBkH_fB7zXE&t=54s


On June 30  I (Jody) was interviewed by Roy Andrade and Kalia Yeagle of East Tennessee State  University's Bluegrass & Oldtime Music program.  It went well, I thought. They asked good questions and I did my best to give good answers.  I played some mandolin too and played some mixes from the forthcoming CD set.  The interview is viewable on the ETSU's Facebook page. I don't "do" Facebook but if anyone is interested here is a link: