July 1, 2024

Brand new CD by Jody with Mile Twelve “Instant Lonesome and the Twinkle Brigade” will be released world-wide on Sept 6th !  

May 24, 2024

We have found a way around the silly and unfair feature that even the website host cannot control in which customers ordering more than one CD title get charged $5 for postage for each new title.  This is in contrast to buying several copies of the same title where the customer pays $1 extra for postage for each CD.  

 Tell us via ceedees@jodyandkate.com which CD titles you want and we will create a “bundle” which will not charge you exorbitant shipping costs.  We'll let you know when the bundle has been created and then you can make the purchase.  Bundle prices include shipping cost. Simple. If this is too much trouble you can still quickly order the CDs in the usual way and pay too much for postage.

May 23, 2024

In February Jody  recorded a second album with the fabulous musicians of Mile Twelve.  At last the mixing and mastering is complete.  It sounds great and looks great —the artwork is also complete. This  collection of stirring music will be released sometime in the fall. Maybe early October or late September.  We'll announce it when we know. 

Yes !  The podcast has been preserved for the time being and indeed I was asked good questions. It's a lively animated conversation and I recommend it !  The link is still https://thebluegrasssituation.com/podcasts/toy-heart/

I even play my mom's old guitar for a moment or two.

Two years ago I (Jody) was interviewed.  I don't remember what we talked about but I remember being asked good questions and giving pretty good answers and I remember enjoying the interview.  The interview will be on the latest (?) episode of Toy Heart with Tom Power out  Tuesday April 12 at (on?) (in?)  The Bluegrass Situation Podcast Network! Listen where you get podcasts orhttps://thebluegrasssituation.com/podcasts/toy-heart/

It can be heard subsequently at the same link. So they say.  

PS: if you're like me the word “podcast” conjures up an image of shelling peas and throwing the pod at something or someone. And then we're supposed to listen to this.  But seriously it might be a good enjoyable interview.

A new entertaining and informative podcast with Jody Stecher can be accessed at the Bluegrass Unlimited website:


It is also available on many other streaming services, including: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcast, Overcast, GSA, Firefox, CastBox, PodcastAddict, iVoox, VictorReader Stream, Downcast, Podbean, axios, RSSRadio, iTMS, and AntennaPod.  

Shortly after my 77th birthday I recorded a new album with the help of the superb bluegrass band Mile Twelve. Working title is Mile Seventy-Seven.   I'll be mixing in early August. Release should be in the autumn sometime. I'll be announcing the release on the home page here and sending an announcement to the mailing list.  Thanks to these great young musicians, this  is stunning music.

February 13th was the YouTube debut of a lively interview about the background and making of the album RASA by Jody Stecher and Krishna Bhatt.  Henry Kaiser interviews Jody Stecher and asks excellent questions to which he receives animated answers. Worth watching! 



RASA has at last been reissued. For the time being it won't be for sale on this website. For hard copy (CD and LP) or download go to https://www.dongiovannirecords.com/products/734398-jody-stecher-and-krishna-bhatt-rasa

For streaming and variety of download formats go here:


From the record company's forthcoming release statement: 

Originally released in 1981, Rasa has long been admired and studied by musicians as a model for how to do a cross-cultural recording project where the musicians actually understand something of each other's musical culture and actually feel it. Remastered from the original tapes by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering. Energetic, delightful, virtuosic and soulful, and available again for the first time in over 40 years. Includes extensive liner notes by Jody Stecher and a new essay by Baiju Bhatt. 
JODY STECHER- voice and guitar 
KRISHNA BHATT - voice, sitar, dilruba and tabla 
FRED SOKOLOW - voice, five string banjo and mandolin 
JEANIE McLERIE - voice and fiddle 


July 12, 2022