Dreams From The Overlook

I swear that the first time I listened to the cd, I was sure, absolutely positive, I "knew" these tunes. Comforting and familiar, and yet offering, too, the joy of discovery. 
-Victoria Moss 

What a terrific album!  Guess it takes an ancient man to sing an ancient song. 
-Jerry Zolten 

I have spent a most pleasant week with your music playing in my study and also in my head - very uplifting in these times where down is the the usual direction. 
-Warren Fahey 

Hey Jody,I LOVE your CD. It is so you with its whimsy  and quirkiness and musical sensibility. I love it all. It made me laugh and it made me cry. It's beautiful. 
-Alice Gerrard 

…tunes, songs, musicians, playing, recording...all super. It’s wonderful you got such great players to learn your tunes. It’s a joy to listen to. 
-Tom Rozum 

Inspiration and joy! 
-Richard Siberell 

The sound is pristine,  it sparkles like snow and diamonds!
  -Leslie Evers 

..the sound—instrumental and vocals—is beautiful, right from the first notes. All in proper balance. The crystalline mandolin and the guitars have such a great and immediate presence. 
-Alan Senauke 

It is beautiful music.  I love it….You have such a unique and comforting sound….Thanks for making such beautiful and memorable music. 
Phyllis De Smet-Howard 

I always get inspired by your music Jody…I am enjoying the new tunes, and by osmosis, they're getting embedded into the latest crop of mandolinos on the workbench. Thanks!
-Steve Gilchrist 

Loving the double album Jody! So many gems - simultaneously of-the-moment and eternal. Thank you!
-Jenny Rapp 

One of today’s great mandolinists, Jody Stecher seems to have set out here to knock his listeners socks completely off —and he surely succeeds. 
-Mitch Finley The Bluegrass Blabber

Jody Stecher’s “Dreams From The Overlook” 2-CD set is special in multiplex ways.  Please allow me to enumerate a few: 

1) It’s all original material that is stunningly good. 

2) Everything is beautifully performed. 

3) The recording quality and mastering is exceptional. 

4) The album brings a great warmth and positive energy into any space that it is played in. 

5) Among a history of outstanding albums by Jody, this one is extraordinary. 
-Henry Kaiser

Hey Jody,  I've been listening to your double CD the last two nights and I have to congratulate you on your wonderful music.  It's been very relaxing and refreshing for me for me to sit back and soak it in. We've had so much trouble this year with Covid: a lot of our older friends have passed away from it, especially lately.  Your music is a welcome respite from the worries and concerns we are experiencing in that regard.  It's nice to hear something that is genuine.  There is so much we can't believe in these days, and your tunes and songs are like a light in the fog.  

    The instruments have a nice, soft, mellow tone...good for the soul.  The transitions between the selections are very pleasant. You've really composed some wonderful music here, music that is thoughtful, human, uplifting, and in many ways reminiscent of what I call the Monroe concept: It has not been forced out or made to fit to a formula--instead it has been discovered and brought forth from the spiritual world where it has always existed.  

    Your natural innate musical ability has been augmented by your knowledge and experience with many different styles and genres.  The result is a unique creative musical expression that brings the past into the present in a profound way.  It reflects your life in music--listenable, free of corruption by commercial interests, unfettered by formulaic restrictions, and graced with a personal stamp that makes it pure Jody Stecher.  

 I'm not trying to write a review--I really mean this stuff.  I'm glad my life's journey has included you and your music.  
-Bob Black

Love it!. I .. was blown away by that first track! and the second! and the third! and.....as with all great music, the more I listen the more I hear. Best $22 I've spent in a long time, and I haven't even made it to disc two yet… 

"Rolling Wave" is simply stunning and beautiful. By the end of it, I've got tears in my eyes. But, then when "I Don't Know the Muffin Man" starts up, I immediately have a smile on my face. That transition between songs and the resulting collision of emotions is a gift.  

As an electrochemist, I'm very interested in chemistry that occurs at an interface: an interface between a liquid and solid, a gas and a solid, a solid and a solid, or even two immiscible liquids. It's within these interfacial regions where the two phases affect each other, often over relatively long distances (nanometers up to micrometers), and the properties of the two phases blend into something unique and often very useful beyond either of the two bulk phases (this is where electrical potentials reside, and where concentration gradients can lead to enhanced reactivity). These interfaces are at the heart of batteries, diodes, and transistors, as well as the functioning of biological cells. I can't help but make the analogy between these electrochemical interfaces I study at work and the "interface" between these two pieces of music on your album. That transition you've created is an interface that is more than either of the two songs individually. Thank you for writing those songs and putting them back-to-back like that. 
-Ryan West 
Von Soosten Chair and Assistant Professor 
Director, Chemistry Graduate Program 
Department of Chemistry 
University of San Francisco 


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  RETURN is a luminous collection of songs and tunes.  The songs are exquisite, varied, and notable for evocative lyrics and beautiful melodies.  ” - Steve Arkin

— Old-Time Herald

Their vocals are acrobatic, spirited, precise and nuanced ... With a hauntingly eerie guitar (and) modal dual vocals (Fine Horseman) sounds as fully orchestrated as any multi-tracked extravaganza. ” - Steven Stone

— Vintage Guitar

It's great that Jody and Kate are back to show us all how it should be done.” - TD

— Sing Out!

Wow, wow and wow! A feast of an album. Several hair-raising moments, many smiles and wah's, and a few tears, too (listening to Calloused Hands). What a treat. ” - H.C.

— customer response

I’ve been listening (over and over again) to your new CD --- it’s gorgeous, delicious music ----congratulations to you!” - C.G.

— customer response

 Wow, what a pleasure! Enough familiar to feel completely comfortable, enough new to justify the wait and set the whole effort apart from all else before. I loved the Lal Waterson song, the Joseph Spence sendup, Rivers of Texas, a bunch of things. Mostly the overall thing. And the cover photo is one of the best of you guys I've ever seen. Plus, you just don't encounter phrases like "with chromatic passages that evoked Heaven as cocktail lounge cum mortuary" just anywhere. Bravo!” - P.H.

— customer response

      A SONG THAT WILL LINGER   If any of their previous work has touched you than this will poleaxe you. They are one of the great musical duos, bar none.” - Ken Hunt

— Folk Roots

Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin evoke the music’s heart and soul. They elicit those same timeless intangibles that allow the Carter Family’s, Bill Monroe’s and the Stanley Brothers’ music to endure. In doing so, they’ve made an album that stands alongside those revered masters.” - Laurence Baeur


This record has a magical quality that words fail to describe adequately.  I find its title most apt. ” - Jan Jerrold

— British Bluegrass

    BLUE LIGHTNING       Nominated for NAIRD Indie Award   HOT PLATTER!: It's hard to think of any other younger generation practitioners of old-time country music better than this team. Graceful, subtle, and full of style.”

— Elderly