An NBC radio soap opera, Young Widder Brown depicted the misfortunes of a beautiful widowed mother of high moral character trying to support her kids by running a tea room in West Virginia. The song depicts a different sort of woman. 

The show ran for 18 years between the late 1930s and mid 50s. In 1960 when the song was a hit for Frankie Miller most listeners would have been familiar with the radio show and would have perceived the irony. I heard it on country radio every day but I was 13 years old and had no idea what the song was about.

(Sky Corbin, Waylon Jennings/ Fort Knox Music Inc BMI, Heart of the Hills Publishing Co BMI, Trio Music Company BMI)

That Jimmy Brown died at just 25
And they lowered him under the ground
Right at his head was a marker that read
“I leave the world young widow Brown”

He left her for me now it's plain to see
Just why old Jim ain't around
I know that I've tried but the man ain't alive
Can keep up with young widow Brown

That woman she's crazy if she thinks that I’ll 
Just keep on a hanging around
I'd leave in a minute 'cept for one thing
That one thing is young widow Brown

In her high stepping style she's going hog wild
This night life is whoopin’ me down
But if I lose a pace then I'm out of the race
For kisses from young widow Brown

I want you to know my walk's getting slow
I barely can make it around
I work hard all day, spend all of my pay
On pretties for young widow Brown