Hot Philouries 

Philouries are a type of South Indian fritter. They got em in Trinidad too.  I was working on perfecting a recipe for philouries around the same time I was looking for another B flat tune to play in a medley with “Done Gone” and could not find one.  I decided to make my own. I began by playing a sort of game. I did not expect good musical results, I just wanted to get the project off the ground. Each melodic line is a paraphrase or a parody or a direct quote from an existing tune.  My intention was to cobble together a kind of “Franken-tune” out of incompatible parts. But when I played the finished tune I discovered that it was pleasant to listen to and fun to play.  When I first discovered the existence of a food called “philouries” I thought it a ridiculous name so I gave the name to my ridiculous tune.

Jody Stecher: mandolin

Tashina Clarridge: fiddle

Tristan Clarridge: tenor guitar