Rolling Wave
2019 was tough. Three close friends of mine died that year. They were an Indian research biologist who had become a Los Angeles police lieutenant, a polymathic luthier who had been the guitarist in the early Motown rhythm section, and a retired  British army major, a pacifist who played guitar like Maybelle Carter. I had come to rely on these three to challenge my ideas. They knew more history, more science, more political reality than I could ever hope to match. They each honored me with their attention and their ready sharing of their ongoing discoveries of the wonders of being alive. The loss was heavy. I started thinking I might be next. That’s how I came to write this song. 

 Rolling Wave
(Jody Stecher/Vegetiboy Music BMI) 

I had a companion 
And he was so calm and brave 
He faced bullets, faced false accusers 
He faced, head on, the Rolling Wave 
Oh my brave companion. Oh the rolling wave 

Well I once had a companion 
A truer friend you never saw 
Rolling Wave rolled in his window 
And rolled him out the door 
Oh my true companion.  Gone forevermore 

I had a companion 
He was patient sweet and kind 
He pondered and he wandered 
Rolling Wave it rolled him blind 
Oh my dear companion. Blindsided from behind 

Oh my friends have vanished 
And I intend to stay 
I’ll stay on and make my music 
Till Rolling Wave rolls me away 
Oh well I might be half gone already.  Oh the rolling wave 

Jody Stecher: vocal and mandolin