The Only Sunshine 

I enjoy the daytime but friends who suffer from depression have said that nightfall brings relief from oppressive daylight. In this song I’ve paired this idea with another: Some people are suspicious of fog. What is lurking there? I find the northern California coastal fog comforting and protective. Early on I discovered what is hidden in the fog: me! 

The Only Sunshine 

(Jody Stecher/Vegetiboy Music BMI) 

You’re the only sunshine ever made me feel better
 You’re the only sunshine, I feel so free 
You’re the only lover to make me feel lighter 
You’re the only sunshine, shine on me 

When I was a small child I was happy in the sunshine 
Under the bright sky so happy I’d play 
When I got older I hid in the darkness 
In the comfort of the shadows at the end of the day. 

You’re the only sunshine that ever I wanted 
You’re the only bright light that I want to keep near 
You’re the only sunshine that ever I wanted 
Won’t you stay, Sunshine, with me here? 

The fog and the deep night they seem to hide something 
Covered in blackness too dark to see 
Does anybody know what hides in the shadows? 
I know its secret: it’s hiding me 
I know its secret, I do: me