The Weight of The Years expresses a common sentiment of people my age.  I set the song in E flat so I could have the pleasure of hearing fiddler Ella Jordan play one of my songs in her favorite key. 

The Weight of the Years 

(Jody Stecher/Vegetiboy Music BMI) 

I’ve lived a long time and I’m doin alright 
Mostly content and not hurtin’ 
But I can still feel all I’ve lived, seen, and done 
And sometimes it feels like a burden 

The weight of the years caused my shoulders to slope 
Like an old Gibson J 45 
My mem'ries are heavy. I’ve lived through so much 
In the long years that I’ve been alive 


The weight of the years is a burden 
It’s got me so weary and sore 
I won’t carry it round, I’m puttin’ it down 
I won’t carry it round any more 

 Not just every wrong that was done unto me 
Or every dumb thing that I’ve said 
Not just the sky and the mountains and sea 
But every damn thing that I did 


I’ve lived through such joy such wonder and love 
I’ve lived through such such anger and fears 
I want to keep living and lighten my load 
And lay down the weight of the years